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Welcome to Bish’s Timber Supplies


Bish’s Timber Supplies offer quality timber for commercial one off pieces or bulk export. Our range of timber includes Australian Jarrah, Karri, Marri, Blackbutt Wood Slabs, Burls, Boards and also Wood Surfacing. Difficult specifications are our specialty. We have our own bandsaw and mill for large custom sizes.

High quality Western Australian hard woods, in particular Jarrah and Marri, are rapidly becoming a scarce commodity and subsequently a unique investment opportunity.

Both timbers have qualities that make them attractive to local and overseas buyers from countries such as New Zealand, America and Europe. With this opportunity at the forefront of our thinking we now provide a service cutting logs to a size that suits our clients requirements.

If you are interested in creating your own beautiful custom furniture or looking for a solid new investment opportunity, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Call us for a no obligation chat today.